Remote Support - NAVCOM

24x7 Technical Support

Phone : +91 7810012222

World's First 24x7 Manned Center equipped with experts of NavCom and SatCom under same roof.

We have well experienced team who are in direct touch with various makers globally. When a problem is reported, a unique Case-ID is created in the system and assigned to global service support team.

In our experience, more than 40% of reported problems have been resolved on E-Mail & Phone communications, resulting in substantial savings for ship owners.

To ensure maximum uptime of ships systems, We support ships thru 4 Tier support system -

RMS - Remote Maintenance Support

The Team ‘passionate about inner Engineering ‘is manning the Marine call centre – 24X7 – 365 days to support ships while at sea with pure technical support ( no commerce).

BMS - Breakdown Maintenance Support

Just in case needed, irrespective of make & model ,our skilled & trained team is ready to jump onboard for repair services for full Bridge systems (NavCom), Power Generation & Distribution systems, Controls & Automation systems.

PMS - Preventive Maintenance Support

With our sea experience, we strongly recommend to carry out preventive maintenance of ships fitted systems & units – to avoid sudden breakdowns.

AMS - Annual Maintenance Support

We have dedicated softwares & dedicated experienced staff to maintain records & support you as required