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Infinity is the most advanced maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution that can be used on ships equipped with any type of satellite communications systems including, but not limited to, Fleet Broadband or VSAT systems Ka, Ku or C‐band.

Crew calling service (PINs, registered users or both)

This is a chat card service whereby instead of users accessing a shore-based platform for crew voice calls. They are using pins that access Infinity to authenticate and operate. Units are decremented and once fully used they expire.

Crew internet cafE9 serviceA0 (PINs, registered users or both)

This is a typical internet café application whereby users enter a pin number and password, to have access to the internet. They can connect to Infinity either by cable or through a local wireless hub. Upon opening a web browser on their personal laptops or on a shared PC onboard, users are asked for identification. If successful, they are given an allowance in denominations of 25, 50 or 100 Mbytes which can then be used at will during multiple sessions until expired. Different denominations are also available upon request, or alternatively, PINs can have a time-based denomination and operate only within specific time frames.

Features & highlights

  • Crew calling service through the use of PINS or with registered users, or both

  • Crew internet café service with the use of PINs, or with registered users, or both

  • Web surfing with compression, advertisement removal and caching proxy onboard

  • Fully managed firewall service including “Fleet‐wide Rules” capability

  • Email service with compression (body & attachments) for business or crew use. In addition to IMAP and POP, ActiveSync is now available as a way to sync emails, contacts, tasks and calendar between devices

  • Automatic file synchronization service with compression

  • Failover and load balancing

  • VoIP service

  • Web services (SOAP and XML)

  • File to Email / Email to File

  • Address / portfolio / features / addressbook replication

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

  • IPv6

  • Multicast

  • Virtualization capabilities

  • Clustering management and administration tools

  • Cyber Security