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AmosConnect Crew provides the crew members on board with a personal Email and SMS box featuring: 

  • Unique email address 

  • Unique GSM number 

  • Personal Address Book 

  • Same account can be used on all vessels 

  • Access to account via webmail 

  • Automatic Forwarding to regular email account when on leave

On-board internet kiosk 

With AmosConnect Crew CommCenter it is now possible to offer a complete Internet Kiosk to Crew. Instead of going to Internet shops in port, crew can now do the same throughout the voyage. 

Internet chat

All major Instant Messaging networks are supported. Chat traffic is compressed up to 95% by avoiding excessive data generated by text formatting, status changes, pictures etc. Up to 500 minutes of chatting can be achieved for only 25 USD.

Internet browsing

Browsing over the Internet is made possible with the built-in Opera-based Web Browser. Pages are automatically compressed up to 85%. Other bandwidth consuming elements such as pop-ups and scripts are blocked as well to further optimize the browsing experience.

News and announcements

The news feeds provide local and international news as well as sports and business updates. For a single flat subscription fee, ship managers can choose one or multiple editions to be distributed. In addition custom announcements can be sent to all vessels. Keep everybody updated on the latest Company News. Crew can keep up to date with daily news feeds from a wide selection of countries and languages.

Security and control

AmosConnect Crew CommCenter provides the benefit of being able to give Internet access to crew in a technically and socially secure environment. No email attachments, direct file transfer and scripts are allowed, eliminating virus risk. In addition system limits can be set for: 

  • Data 

  • Time 

  • Bandwidth

No administrative hassle 

Voice calls, email, chatting and browsing can all be paid for by the Crew via the ChatCard. The ChatCard can easily be reloaded via the myChatCard portal and/or ship managers can choose to resell ChatCards to crew directly.

AmosConnect Crew CommCenter – Communication solution

Benefits for crew members 

AmosConnect is designed for ease of use, with a minimum of menu options. 

  • Simple, easy way to stay in touch with family and friends. 

  • Single prepaid card for phone calls, e-mail, and SMS messages. 

  • Highly affordable flat global rates per message, with no charges for incoming message and SMS. Single, private fixed e-mail address transportable to any ship and usable on shore. 

  • Ability to use the Internet and Chat with friends.

Benefits for ship managers & users

Give Internet access to crew in a technically and socially secure environment; 

  • Enhanced crew satisfaction, leading to improved retention and recruiting. 

  • Increased control through traffic and volume limits on message size and numbers. 

  • Cost and time savings related to minimal setup, administration, and management requirements. 

  • Enhanced security with built-in Opera-based Internet Browser which blocks scripts, pop-ups and other security hazards.

  • A full crew communication solution for voice, e-mail and sms.

  • Operates entirely separately from the business communication onboard your vessels

  • Eliminates the need to manage crew mail boxes

  • Complete control over size of e-mails via filters in AmosConnect Online

  • A motivated crew, and compliance with future ITF rules for free e-mail

  • Option to upgrade to a low-cost version that offers free e-mail to crew

  • Crew enjoy the privacy of having their own e-mail box

  • Use the same e-mail address on any ship or on shore, with your personal international SMS number