Crew Calling Prepaid Services

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Crew Calling Cards work on all services, including Fleet Broadband, Fleet, mini-M. They are available in various denominations such as 250, 500- and 750-unit cards. ChatCard Reload is compatible with all Inmarsat voice services and their main characteristics are:

  • No connect or start-up fee, no charge for holding time and no charge at all if the call is not answered

  • Only talk time is charged

  • The expiry date is 24 months after the activation / order date

  • Low-balance warnings –60 and 30-seconds warnings; cards are rechargeable to any amount

  • Fast & easy reload via the web

Combining two industry-leading services - AmosConnect and Stratos ChatCard - AmosConnect Crew also offers huge benefits to ship managers:

  • A full crew communication solution for voice, e-mail and sms.

  • Operates entirely separately from the business communication onboard your vessels

  • Eliminates the need to manage crew mail boxes

  • Complete control over size of e-mails via filters in AmosConnect Online

  • A motivated crew, and compliance with future ITF rules for free e-mail

  • Option to upgrade to a low-cost version that offers free e-mail to crew

  • Crew enjoy the privacy of having their own e-mail box

  • Use the same e-mail address on any ship or on shore, with your personal international SMS number

Roaming GSM Services :

We provide roaming SIM created for people on the move that provides internet, voice and SMS in 178 countries. As of today we are serving close to 1000 ship crew all over the world. need to communicate. 
Our GSM services offer below regional data packages for end users. World Package, Europe Package, Asia Package, Americas Package, Africa Package