KU Band

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Ku Band offers a wide range of flexible, economical connectivity options to the maritime industry. Broad portfolio of Ku band offerings through Global Connect cooperation with our partners in the industry. Combined with Infinity, the industry’s leading optimization and bandwidth enhancement solution, our Ku band offerings put you fully in control of your connectivity.

Service overview

The service offers high data speeds with Committed Information Rate (CIR) ensuring reliable bandwidth guarantee at all times. Burst rates with respective Maximum Information Rate (MIR) per selected plan are also provisioned to maximize bandwidth availability.

Ship owners and operators can benefit from unique service advantages by selecting one of our flexible plans with guaranteed global bandwidth.

Key provisions of the service

  • A global network caters for seamless service connectivity which empowers the maritime company to adopt bandwidth demanding applications so as to support maritime operations efficiently 24x7x365

  • A unique Ku – band service for fleet connectivity at one of the highest levels compared to conventional communication means on board the vessel, in order to enhance fleet performance and business efficiency

  • A VSAT Ku Band service designed to deliver a consistent, superior customer experience anytime and anywhere within multiple regions globally

  • Combines the expertise of a leading satellite operator with Global Connect unparalleled experience in dealing with the connectivity and network needs of vessels, regardless of the complexity and the size of the project

Competitive Advantage

  • Extended Broadband Connectivity

  • Leading QoS experience applied on bandwidth allocation

  • Available space segment capacity across the fleet including wide beams selection globally

  • Integrated ground infrastructure combined with Global connect’s 24/7 service to deliver incredibly fast service

  • VSAT technology combined with Infinity to deliver an all-in-one solution

  • Flexible Plans aimed to cover diversified fleet connectivity needs

  • Flexible service commitment

  • Low cost upfront hardware investment

KU Band Hardware

Intellian V100

Above Deck Unit

Reflector size: 103 cm/41*
BUC BW, 16W (optional) and Intellian PLL LNB 
3-axis: Azimuth,elevation,cross level
Approx 128 kg/282lbs
Dimensions:151.4cm/59.63’’ diameter: 138.0/54.33’’

Below Deck Unit 

(Antenna control unit)

1U 19’’ ACU
Display: 2 line 40 character graphic VFD module


100-240V AC,50-60 Hz, 1A


Antenna Rx
Modem Rx
NMEA 2000/0183
Modem Interface (Console/RS232 &Ethernet)
Intellian LAN
PC module


Sailor 900 VSAT KU

Above Deck Unit

Reflector size: 103 cm/40.6’’
BUC (8W) and 2 units multi-band LNB’S
(Band selection by ACU) 
3-axis: (Plus auto skew)  stabilised tracking antenna with integrated GPS 
Approx 126.5 kg/279 lbs
Dimensions: H 150 cm/58.9’’ diameter: 130.0/51.3’’

Below Deck Unit 

(Antenna control unit)

1U 19’’ ACU
Display: OLED (RED) Display, 5 push buttons, 3 discrete indicator LEDs and ON/OFF switch.


175 W typical , 370W peak


Antenna Rx
Modem Rx/Tx
NMEA interfaces (for inputs from GPS OR GYRO COMPASS)
Modem Interface (Console/RS232 &Ethernet)
LAN (2 modem control ports and 1 service port) 


iDirect x7

iDirect x7

SatCom interfaces CTxlF: Type-F / Rxl &Rx2 IF: Type-F)
BUC Power
LNB Power 
Data interfaces (LAN: 8-port ethernet switch, 10/100. 
802.1 q VLAN / RS-232 /RJ45 for Console connection)