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Broadband connectivity anywhere at sea...

Thousands of vessels of all sizes and in all maritime sectors trust in FleetBroadband for operational communications such as email, phone and applications that help them do everything from plotting the most fuel-efficient route to diagnosing mechanical faults remotely by video link.

It boosts morale onboard by enabling crew to stay in touch with family and friends, use social media, and watch news and entertainment. 
Choose from a range of capabilities, antenna sizes and price plans designed to suit your operational and crew communication needs, whether you operate a worldwide container fleet or own a leisure vessel.

FleetBroadband already offers 505 Emergency Calling as standard. Simply dialling ‘505’ puts vessels directly in contact with a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) free of charge for distress calls.


FleetBroadband supports an extensive range of commercially available, off-the-shelf software, as well as specialised user applications. It is ideal for:

  • Email and webmail 

  • Real-time electronic chart and weather updates

  • Remote company intranet and internet access

  • Secure communications 

  • Large file transfer

  • Crew communications

  • SMS and instant messaging 

  • Videoconferencing 

Choose the best fit for your vessel

FB150 delivers global voice, IP data up to 150kbps and SMS texting to smaller vessels with less need for high bandwidth applications. The above-deck and below-deck units are highly compact and easy to install, with antennas from 22.1cm x 29.1cm, weighing 2.5kg.

For larger vessels, such as coastal merchant and fishing fleets, FB250 offers faster data speeds of up to 250kbps and live streaming for applications like video conferencing, plus up to nine telephone lines with FleetBroadband Multi-voice for crystal clear voice calls.

FB500 is our fastest FleetBroadband service, delivering always-on connections speeds of up to 432kbps and streaming rates up to 256kbps for multiple user operational and crew communications, anywhere at sea, in any conditions.

Improving Efficiency and Welfare

Delivering commercial advantage

Crew Communications

Vessel owners and operators can benefit from business and crew communication separation with Crew Calling cards; flexible, pre-paid calling cards which gives crew the freedom to stay in touch with family and friends while at sea.

Crew welfare can be further enhanced by offering Crew Internet, through the purchase of an additional Smartbox and matching airtime plans.

Reliable Performance

FleetBroadband gives you faster, more cost-effective access to data services. Besides constant, real-time weather and ECDIS updates, you can use more complex applications with confidence. Its simultaneous voice and data capability means that while operational systems are running online. you can still access email, get online and make voice calls – all via a single terminal. So, the Master can get on with managing the vessel, while the crew are calling or emailing home.

Always-on connectivity

We provide the toughest communications links in the business, with average network availability exceeding 99.99%. FleetBroadband terminals are designed specifically for use within the maritime environment and are rigorously tested to our exacting standards. The whole system is supported by our worldwide network of partners.

Easy Installation and Network Integration 

FleetBroadband can be rapidly deployed across your entire fleet and, as a standard IP service and seamlessly integrated with head office networks. Terminals operate globally and the user interface is standard across all manufacturers’ products.


With FleetBroadband, performance and flexibility don’t come at a high price. Terminal costs are relatively low, with a choice of airtime pricing packages to best suit your needs. It makes global voice and broadband data services more accessible than ever before, enabling you to achieve greater operational efficiencies and improve the morale of the crew.